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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Books Offered

I have written two books on 1) The historical aspects of the real Malays, and 2) The Principle of Jurus Strum.

Who are the real Malays? I have carried out a thorough research in this aspect and concluded that the Malays are descended from very early age of more than 20 - 30 thousands years ago. They established their grandeur kingdom at their homeland, called Sundaland (or Kumari Kandam, or Lemuria, or Atlantis, or Mu) and achieved the highest civilization on earth and taught the other races on many things. The were expert sea-farers, explorers, builders, handicraft, agriculture and animal husbandary. However, their fortune took a great tumble when the highest mountain in the world, known as Batara Guru Mountain (situated in the present Lake Toba in Sumatera, Indonesia exploded and for three months the earth atmosphere was covered with dust and other particles. During this period many animals were perished and extinct, for example dinosaurs. The catastrophe was added worst when the ice of the two polar caps melted and the sea water rose to between 20 - 30 meters which resulted the great tsunami. The Sundaland kingdom was partly submerged in this catastrophe, creating the present South China Sea, Java Sea and the East China Sea. Further, Alaska and Siberia were cut off by the newly created Bering Strait.

Many of the Sundaland dispersed to save their live. Those in the east sailed to Polynesia, New Zealand, Micronesia and Samoa. Those in the north east sailed to part of China, Indo-China, Japan and Taiwan. Those in the north moved up to Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Nepal and India. In India they formed the Aryans. That's why the highest mountain ranges in the world are called Himalaya, from the word of the Malays. From India, some of the Malays moved west and established two new civilization centres, namely Mohenja Daro and Harappa. And some moved further west to establish a new civilization at Sumeria and other surrounding areas, including Egypt and the Mediterranean rims. Until now, nobody knows the real origins of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Aryans, Kurds and other ethnic groups in various parts of the world.

For more information, please get a copy of this book, The World of the Malays and the power of their knowledge.

The second book, The Principle of Jurus Strum touches on the enhancement of the mental capabilities, the spiritual uplifting and the healthy physical awareness of human beings. More information could be accessed at The Jurus Strum Academy in Malaysia, located at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. For more information, please contact Dr Ilyas Harun at 012-9516012 (mobile).

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