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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Our country is experiencing anti-social activities among its citizens. Why it happened? What is the root cause of this uncontrollable epidemic?

Of course, there are many answers to address this situation given by our politicians, religious people, leaders of communities, elders, social scientists and others. All fingers are pointing solely to the culprits rather than blaming themselves. Anti-social activities, such as robbery, theft, illegal racing (mat rempit), murder, ahlongs and illicit sex.

These things are happening every day and night throughout the country, whether in the cities, towns or in rural areas.

Why it happened? Because our politicians and people with power are greedy making wealth for themselves without considering the sufferings of the people. They practiced cronyism, favouritism and corruption all the way. You can sense these immoral practices but who cares, because they are in power. This is the worst anti-social activities ever happened when compared to the above-mentioned.

To correct the situation, the paradigm shift of the mind (brain) must be implemented from top to bottom. This must be done drastically without any compromise. Look at Mr Lee Kuan Yew on how he shaped the Singaporeans to behave and the end result is the fast development of that city-state Singapore.

Use Formula KAMARIKA to solve those problems once for all for the benefits of all Malaysians so that they can live happily and peacefully in this beloved country of ours, Malaysia.