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Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Zionist Judaism to conquer the world was touched by Arnold J. Toynbee, a sentimentalist and utopian, one of the leading minds of the British Empire. He managed to combine a deep insight into the Civilizational History, with propaganda for the ONE WORLD goals of the Cecil Rhodes' Round Table group, officially known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the CFR being its affiliate in the United States). Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975) was the nephew of Arnold Toynbee (1852-1883). In his book, A Study of History, Volume XII, Arnold J. Toynbee reviewed the formation of Jewish religion and the prospects for Western civilization. He said, "...because they seemed to me to be un-self-contained, which there would mean that they must be fragments of something larger. Then I found this larger unit of study in a species of society that I've labelled them as a 'civilization.' That civilizations proved, so it seemed to me, to be intelligible units of study so long as we were studying their geneses, growths, and breakdowns; but when I came to study their disintegrations, then I found out that, at this stage, their histories - like those of the national sub-divisions of modern Western World - were no longer intelligible in isolation. And a disintegrating civilization civilization was apt to enter into intimate relations at all with one or more other representatives of its species; and these encounters between civilizations that gave birth to societies of another species: higher religions. At the beginning of the inquiry, I had tried to explain the higher religions, like the national and other varieties of parochial states, that is, in terms of civilizations. The last stage of my survey of the history of civilizations convinced me that this way of looking at the higher religions did not, after all, give anything like adequate explanation of them."

What is needed now is a ruthless demolition squad, armed with the intellectual equivalent of the atomic artillery, to batter the traditional interdisciplinary that dividing walls down to the ground. This will restore the natural unity of the field that has been cut up, for so long, by these encroaching enclosures. No doubt, at all times and in all intellectual situations, the huge field of human studies needs to be parcelled out for the operational purposes. But the partitions should be provisional only, and they should be demarcated by the transferable hurdles, not by the embedded stone walls. Throughout history, the Hebrew culture is presented with a problem. The question arises: how can the Jewish god, who acquired a great deal of mythological and philosophical baggage, be reconciled with the unspeakable, unknowable god (s) of the Greek philosophers? The conflict between the Hellenism and the traditions of ethnic Judaism was nowhere obvious than in the northern part of Palestine, which had often subject to conquest and which, being on the major trade route between Asia Minor and Transjordan, constantly subjected to foreign influence. And this northern region apparently didn't even consider itself to be Jewish, but rather a separate nation that has been annexed, apparently involuntarily by the Maccabean kings of Israel.

Illuminati was created by the House of Rothschild, headed by Nathan Rothschild to dominate the whole world politically, economically and socially. They also created Communism, Nazi, Facisme and Capitalisme. Beware the conspiracy of the Illuminati in your country and in your house before it is too late to remedy your slaveness to them. Do you really know who owns and controls our mass-communications media? Practically all the movie lots in Hollywood are owned by the Lehmans, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, Goldman-Sachs, and other international bankers. They are headed by the House of Rothschild, and also owned other international newspapers and magazines, such as The Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), etc. The supposed heads of all those media are merely the fronts for the internationalist bankers, who in turn compose of the hierarchy of the Council on Foreign Relations, today's Illuminati in the United States of America, and The Royal Institute of International Affairs in United Kingdom.

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