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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Political scenario in Malaysia

The environmental atmosphere in Malaysian politics is not healthy at this time due to various factors internally and externally, affecting the livelihood of all Malaysians. As a result of this predicament, many people (read: registered voters) are sidelined and they become fence-sitters. They are really fed up with politicians, be they are in the National Front (Barisan Nasional) or in the Opposition Front (Pakatan Rakyat).

It is sad to say that the voters had given the right mandate to the Opposition Front to form government in five states in Peninsular Malaysia. However, they are not carrying out their election manifesto to help the people (rakyat). Instead, they are digging the mistakes of previous Barisan Government. Of course, they are many mistakes and weaknesses created by the previous Barisan Government. That's why the people voted the Opposition Front in power. It is not advisable from the new government to find faults because it is time wasting. It is better for them to concentrate on the administration of the state government and uplift the standard of living of the rakyat. Make sure, they eliminate poverty to 0% and focus more to generate more income to the rakyat. Forget about playing rhetoric semantical gymnastics or slogans of propaganda in various kinds. The rakyat are fed up now. Do not be "syok sendiri" (some sort of day dreaming) on your laurel because the coming general election, you will be kicked out by the rakyat. Please deliver the good deeds to the people in order to get their support in the coming general election.

Rakyat is power............Dr Ilyas Harun

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