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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Origin of Jurus Strum Formula

Jurus Strum Formula is the ancient art of keeping fit to the body in order to have a healthy life and longevity. The Malayu/Malai/Malay were the first race to introduce the art of healing, herbal medicine and healthy life styles. Their knowledge was kept secret in a huge book, called "Malaiyana Mulayanam" (Malai/Malay Knowledge is the Root of All Knowledge), consisting of 173 volumes (smaller books). On human health, a particular attention was given in one of these smaller books, known as "Malaiyapurasailikanamlokaadhitahnamkulavirathasridhasasuram" (yes, most of the books have a very long name). "Malaiyana Mulayanam" was introduced by Mahasiddha Svayana more than 790,000 years ago in Buwana Svarnabhumi Tanah Sunda ("Alam Malayu/Malai/Malay). At that time the Malays were united as ONE race. Due to the eruption of Mt Batara Guru (its crater becoming Lake Toba, and its peak becoming Samosir Island, in Sumatera, Indonesia), the adjacent earth crust in the Indian Ocean crumbled and many parts of the world were covered with debris, ashes and thick smoke. This catastrophe resulted the melting of some ice caps in the North and South Poles, causing the rise in sea levels and super tsunami in "Alam Malayu/Malai/Malay. Due to this massive disaster, some land masses of Alam Malayu/Malai/Malay were submerged into the sea (becoming South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Java Sea, and Gulf of Siam). The submerged land was twice the size of India sub-continent. The crumbled earth crust became known as the "Rim of Fire," causing tsunami, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Before this tremendous catastrophic disaster, the land of Alam Malayu/Malai/Malay was vast in size, stretching from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Nusantara, up to Taiwan, bordering Japan.

Thereupon, many of the population were dispersed and scattered to other dry lands. Some of them sailed to many Pasific islands. Later, they were divided into ethnicity groupings, such as Javanese, Malays, Bugis, Sundanese, Acehnese, Minang, Batak, Iban, Kadazandusun, Khmer, Filipino, etc.) After thousands of years, Hinduism and Buddhism came into the "Malay Land," and Malay kings, aristocrats and masses converted into Hinduism or Buddhism. So the Malay identity was deminished. Later, Islam came into the region where the Malay Hindu and Buddhist kings, aristocrats and masses converted to Islam. The Malay identity was being replaced with the Arab identity. Later, the Western Colonialists and Christianity came into this region where many of the Malays (such as Batak, Iban, Kadazandusun, etc.) professed Christianity. The Western Colonialists (the Dutch, British, Portuguese, Spaniards and later the Americans) divided Alam Malayu/Malai/Malay into countries (such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, the Philippines, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma (Myanmar), Siam (Thailand), Viet (Vietnam), Laos, Kemboja (Kampuchea), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Polynesia, Melanesia and Hawaii. The Malay identity was totally abandoned and lost up to the present time.

It is important to note here that the Malai/Malay race was unique and complex. The Chinese and Indians were their cousins. Therefore, the ancient knowledge on health was adopted by the Chinese with a new name and modified methods, such as Acupuncture. Later, the Indians modified the teaching with their local flavour, known as Ayurvedic. For the Malays, the term was lost, and I was lucky to inherit this ancient knowledge, known as "Jurus Strum."

I inherited this ancient knowledge from my father and he got it from his father and many generations upwards. To prove the advantage of Jurus Strum, I have practiced it since I was young. Now, at the age of sixty, I am still healthy and energetic. I never being admitted into any hospital, medical centre and clinics in my life. I applied this formula to my wife. Before our marriage, her weight was 65 kg and she had tried many methods of slimming, including swallowing thousands of slimming pills. She spent a lot of money to slim her body, but to no avail. After we get married, I applied Jurus Strum Formula on her, and after 4-5 months, her weight was reduced to 45 kg (her wish). Her clothes with sizes XXL and XL were thrown out because her size now is for S. When she was pregnant, her size reached 63-67 kg. After giving birth to my son, Julius, I applied Jurus Strum Formula (without "bengkung" and "tungku," and consuming
"jamu") on her and after 3-4 months, her weight was reduced to 45 kg. Her look and body is just like a mid-twenties lady.

Due to demand from friends on the advantage of Jurus Strum Formula, I am now producing these health products with my wife, Rina Zakaria, namely Jurus Strum Formula Soap, Jurus Strum Formula Aroma, and Jurus Strum Formula Lotion. Jurus Strum Formula perfume is in the making.

1. Jurus Strum Formula Soap
a) Benefits
To make the skin healthier, soft and tender; eliminating dead skin cells,
cleansing and whitening the skin (resulting the skin becoming firm and
slow down the effects of aging)
b) Usage
While bathing, apply this soap, first to the face and later to the whole
c) Ingredients
"Gamat" (Sea Cucumber), honey, collagen, and other medicinal herbs.

2. Jurus Strum Formula Aroma
a) Benefits
To give a freshing feeling to the body, relaxing and mental alertness.
b) Usage
Put 2-3 drops of this Aroma into a bucketful of water. Rinse the
the whole body, starting from the head.
c) Ingredients
Lavender and other aromatic selected flowers.

3. Jurus Strum Formula Lotion
a) Benefits
To reduce wrinkle, celluloid and unnecessary fats in parts of the
body, to stimulate body cells, to upgrade blood flow in the body,
and to activate nerve points (especially in the hands/fingers
and feet/fingers). This Lotion is good for women after childbirth.
b) Usage
Apply this Lotion and rub gently to the affected parts of the body,
especially stomach, hands and feet. It is better to rub this Lotion
to the whole body before sleep.

Use Jurus Strum Formula products in the morning and at night
These products are good for men and women.

For more information, please call me at (mobile) 012-9516012


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