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Friday, October 14, 2011

How to overcome virus A H1N1?

Virus A H1N1 is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. There are thousands of death in many countries and millions more are suffering from this epidemic. Although modern medication is available but the epidemic could not be stopped or wiped out. However, there is a traditional method of preventing the spread of influenza A H1N1 by applying the URUT JURUS STRUM.

What is Urut Jurus Strum?

The words Urut Jurus Strum derived from a combination of Malay and Javanese languages. The words could not be defined as the Malay traditional massage because Urut Jurus Strum could not be translated into other languages, just like the word yoga. Therefore, Urut Jurus Strum should be remained in its original forms and applications.

Urus Jurus Strum was founded by Dr Ilyas Harun in 2005 after 15 years of research works in the fields of health science and sociology.

The basic concepts of Urut Jurus Strum consisted of the following characteristics:-

1. Systematic massage

2. Closure of massage

3. Relaxation of muscles and limbs

4. "Sport" or the movement of the relaxed limbs

5. Fundamental procedures on anatomy

6. The use of traditional medicated oil and herbs

7. The treatment of curing pains, aches and other illnesses

These basic concepts are meant exclusively for the normalisation of free flow of blood in the arteries and veins in the human body. By way of Urut Jurus Strum, these basic concepts are applied on the whole or any parts of the body of the patient who sought this type of treatment. The application of Urut Jurus Strum could also be done externally for internal illness. Of course, for the external illness, it is done externally on the surface of the body (skins).

Urut Jurus Strum could be learnt by anybody, irrespective of race, religion, age and gender. It could be practiced at home, in the office or other places of relaxed atmosphere. The application of this wonderful and magical treatment could bring a healthy result on oneself. It normalises the whole system of blood circulation in the body. It further normalises the joints, muscles and limbs, bones and skeletons, and the nerve system.

Urut Jurus Strum is unique because it bonds intimate relationship between the patient and the healer to create a healthy life. This active dual relationship is called "sport", or the movements of the related limbs and muscles of the patient as instructed by the healer. Whereas, the other traditional massages are passive.

For this formulation to be successful, I, as the founder, need a dedicated and honest financier to fund the expansion of Urut Jurus Strum globally. Please send your proposal of funding to me via my email:

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