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Friday, May 10, 2013


Malaysia conducted its 13th General Election (popularly known
as GE13 or in Malay PRU13) on 5th May 2013 after Nomination
Day on 20th April 2013. This is passionately called the
Mother of All Elections.

However, it's sad to note that the results were announced very
late in the wee hours of the election day. Further embarrasment
was created by Election Commission when the supposed ink
did not last long on the index finger of the voters. Many other
offences were reported by the voters on the weaknesses of
the Election Commission, particularly on the phantom voters
(many of them foreign workers from Indonesia, Bangladesh,
India, Thailand and Myanmar but all of them possessed Blue
Identity Cards and eligible to vote) and the counting of votes
with electricity black out in many places.

In the end, the Barisan Nasional (ruling party) managed 133
Parliamentary seats, that is, a simple majority to form the
government, against 89 seats secured by the Pakatan
Rakyat (Opposition parties composed of PKR, PAS and
DAP). Notwithstanding, the Opposition received 52% of
the popular votes, while the ruling Barisan Nasional secured
47% only. The ruling Barisan has lost 8 seats, of which Najib
failed to outbid Abdullah Badawi who secured 140 seats
in GE12 in 2008. Worse scenario, MCA lost 8 seats and
as expected, they refused to be appointed in Najib's
Cabinet. However, the Opposition has agreed to appoint
Anwar Ibrahim to be their head although they failed to
wrestle Putrajaya in this GE13.

We have to wait the outcome of the Opposition's findings
on the weaknesses of the Election Commission. They have
six months to file their cases in court. May be in the process,
some of the ruling MPs might cross over to the Opposition
to topple Najib.

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