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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Felda: where to go?

The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) is established since 1956 through the amalgamation of a few land schemes developed by the state governments. With the setting up of Felda, land development in Malaysia is properly structured with a pilot project at Felda Lurah Bilut, Bentong, Pahang. Later, more land schemes were developed in many states in Peninsular Malaysia, and expanded to Sabah and Sarawak. Todate, about 320 land schemes had been established with 124,000 settlers working in those schemes. After 50 years of its establishment, Felda and its settlers have set up Felda Holdings (renamed Felda Global) to venture into business and industry. In short, the Malaysian government has successfully gained a great momentum in eradicating poverty among its population. Thus it has created a gigantic human resources in developing the agriculture sector in the country. That is the first 50 years. What about the next 50 years?
With semantic gymnastical manipulation, the government is propagating the successful concept of land development through its agency, namely Felda. But there are many more unsolved issues in Felda land schemes throughout the country (not specified here, and the details are with me upon request). If these issues are not addressed properly, I am sure the position of status quo will change dramatically.
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