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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Origin of the Malays

Extracts from THE STAR, Malaysia dated 14/02/2011

George Town: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has submitted a proposal to UNESCO to list Lenggong Valley in Perak as a world achaeological heritage site.

This is because the area has one of the oldest prehistoric settlements in the world, USM Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia director Assoc Prof Dr Mokhtar Saidin said.

He said the National Heritage Department had, on the university's behalf, sent the dossier to UNESCO for review early this month.

"Bukit Bunuh in the Lenggong Valley was inhabited from time to time for more than 1.83 milllion years. We have the oldest prehistoric settlement in the world after Africa, according to chronometric dating.

"We also discovered hand axes and evidence of a meteorite impact 1.83 million years ago here," he said during a media tour of Bukit Bunuh yesterday.

In a report in 2009, Dr Mokhtar had said it was possible that the findings of the hand axes challenged the prevailing "Out of Africa" theory, which stated that modern humans first evolved from one point in Africa and spread out around the globe.

Lenggong Valley was also the place where the 10,000 year-old PERAK MAN was found.

It was reported last year that UNESCO would send a team to Lenggong Valley in July for authenticity inspection and checking of data accuracy.

"After that, they will compile a conclusion result and hopefully make an official announcement at the UNESCO general meeting in July next year to declare Lenggong Valley as a World Heritage site.

"Once listed, a tower will be built on Bukit Bunuh for visitors and tourists to get a good view of the surrounding area," he said.


The Malay Ode

We are the architects of greatness. Our vision lies within the depth of our souls. It is a divine revelation. We never see the mirages of fact, but peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn Time.

We are the makers of empire; battle for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones. We are Argonauts, the seekers of the priceless fleece - The Truth. Through all ages we have heard the voice of destiny calling us from the unknown vast.

Our brains have wrought all human miracles. In lace of stone tour a spire stab the Old World's skies and with their golden moon kisses the sun.

We are the chosen few... the blazers of the way... who never wear a doubt's bandage on our eyes... who starve and chill and hurt, but hold to courage and to hope, because we know that there is always proof of truth for those who try - that only cowardice and lack of faith can keep the seeker from his chosen goal, but if his heart be strong and if he dreams enough and dreams it hard, he can attain, no matter where men failed before.

Walls crumble and empires fall. The tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears from its rocks. The rotting nations drop off. Time's bough and only things the dreamers make live on.

We are the Eternal Conquerors - our vassals are the years.
We are the dreamers.
We are the MALAYS.

It is the duty of every Malay to promote "Our Malay Culture Heritage Awareness in the most grandest was as who we were once before in our Glory Age.

"Mula cipta rupa nyata, ciri dibaca membuka cerita, hikayat nagara pembuka kata, sabda paduka mengelilingi kota, sastra nagara dibicara pendita, warkah paduka diumum bendahara, hai sekelian rakyat jelata, dengarlah titah paduka radja, memuliakan Melayu seluruh dunia, bentara kiri bentara kanan berkolek-kolek seluruh isthana, anak danhyang moleklah rupa, sepakat menteri membaca mentera, barang yang tiada jangan dipinta, barang yang ada dilupa jangan, inilah kata sang adi manaka, sumpah Melayu di alam maya, selagi hayat dikandung bunia takkan Melayu hilang di dunia."

MALAIYANA MULAYANAM (Ajaran Melayu Mula Ajaran)

Ajaran Melayu (the root of all knowledge) adalah bentuk ajaran yang pertama sekali di muka bhumi di mana ianya adalah hasil pencernaan akal yang pertama dalam melahirkan aksara pengetahuan yang mana diturunkan secara lisan dan kemudian dibentuk dalam tulisan yang menjadikan ia sumber akan segala pengetahuan di seluruh dunia, aksara yang serupa ini diwujudkan oleh Mahasiddha Svayana lebihkurang 790,000 tahun dahulu di Tanah Sunda yang dikenali sebagai Kamarieandam (Kumari Kandam), Lemuria, Atalantis dan Mu, iaitu benua lagenda yang direkodkan di seluruh dunia dan ada di dalam rekod koleksi sastra Tamil dan Hindu seawal zaman pra Vedik, iaitu sebelum ketamadunan Harappa dan Mohendja-Daro.

Melayu boleh diertikan sebagai satu Aksara yang membawa erti "tempat bersatunya seluruh manusia pada suatu ketika dahulu" dan Melayu itu membawa erti Alam Dunia Pemikiran Ketuhanan Budaya Yang Memerintah.

M= Manutaram (Manusia = Mankind)
L= Lokataram (Tempat = Place)
Y= Yugataram (Bersatu = Integrate)
MLY = Tempat Semua Manusia Bersatu


01 Malaiyanam
1.1. Malaiyanamsastrapujanam
1.2. Malaiyanamshlokagitanam
1.3. Malaiyanamtatpurusanam
1.4. Malaiyanammanusutram
1.5. Malaiyanamchittanampursam
1.6. Malaiyanamadhigottamanam
1.7. Malaiyanamavitrakandam
1.8. Malaiyanamutamapadam
1.9. Malaiyanamdevarajapusam

02 Malaiyasanputrieyanam
2.1. Malaiyasanputrieyanammoolamdjivatnam
2.2. Malaiyasanputrieayanambhumipartivam
2.3. Malaiyasanputrieayanamtrilokanamakayam
2.4. Malaiyasanputrieayanamriyshayahayanam
2.5. Malaiyasanputrieayanamdwirupanama
2.6. Malaiyasanputrieayanmanamanamam
2.7. Malaiyasanputrieayanamsaptaprajapatanam
2.8. Malaiyasanputrieayanamsundayavanam
2.9. Malaiyasanputrieayanamchahyarupam

To be continued.....

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